August 5-14

August 5-14,
St. Petersburg

August 5-6,
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Type design

Variable fonts

Lettering and all handtype techniques

Typography in web design

Book and editorial design

Contemporary Cyrillic script

Modern Cyrillic Script


On the 5—14th of August in Saint Petersburg will be held the second inter- national type design festival Typetersburg — annual international event for professional graphic designers. The festival’s program will include exhibi- tions and workshops of renowned international designers. Conference with two lecture days will take place on the August 5—6th.

Every year in Saint Petersburg during the close of famous white nights, Typeterburg gathers local and international professional design community. Two conference days are visited by 500+ designers all around the world, so that they have an opportunity to communicate, exchange experience and discuss of modern type design and technologies.

Language of the conference is English. All speeches in Russian will be translated synchronously into English.


Göran Söderström

Stockholm, Sweden

the founder of Letters from Sweden. He has designed custom typefaces for companies such as Cadillac, Ableton, VSCO, Acne Studios, Tele2 and Nordea and his retail fonts are used worldwide.

Baptiste Guesnon

Paris, Stockholm

Graduated with the master’s and bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from ÉSAD Valence, in 2016 and 2014 respectively. In 2013, he did a post-graduate diploma in Fashion at Duperré (Paris) after he completed a technical degree in Visual Communication from Estienne (Paris). Baptiste did a five-month internship in 2015 at Underware, working on Cyrillic, learning Python scripting and the true love of type design from Bas Jacobs. He worked with Emmanuel Labard, graphic designer of L’atelier collectif, during the summer of 2013 as an intern and in 2015 as a freelancer. He also worked with Les Ateliers Devarrieux in the summer of 2011 as an intern and between 2011 and 2014 as a freelancer.


Berlin, Germany

Typographer, type and graphic designer par excellence. Philipp was born and raised in North Germany where he studied communication design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel (MAFAD). In 2014, he graduated with a BA in typography and type design. In the same year he attended the Type And Media master course at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag (KABK) from which he graduated in summer of 2015. Initially Philipp only took some forays into type design to fulfil his own typographical needs, but somehow he got hooked on it and tried to make the best out of this disposition. So, Philipp moved to Berlin in September 2015 and started working at LucasFonts. When he is not busy with designing type or writing super sophisticated texts about himself with the only strategy of repeating his own name over and over again, Philipp keeps starting new projects to be finished some fine day in the far future.

Dmitry Karpov

Moscow, Russia

Designer, Lecturer. Former director of Yury Grymov Design Studio, collaborated with Yukos Oil Company and Art. Lebedev Studio. Since 2005 curator of ’CPD Interactive Design and Open Examination’ in British Higher School of Art and Design. Since 2008 the tutor of specialization ’Graphic Design & Illustration’ of British Higher School of Art and Design.


Saint Petersburg, Russia

MØD£RÑ CALLIGRAPHY ÅRTĮST. Actively experiencing different directions of modern calligraphy by applying and combining his knowledge of street culture, design and typography of different nations and generations. He is particularly involved in street art projects, exhibitions and other related projects since 2013. He regularly works with main Russian and international brands. Recently, Pokras Lampas started to work with high fashion brands and developed a menswear collection. Over the past years, Pokras Lampas took part to group exhibitions and art projects held in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Korea and UAE. Working on a self-developed "Calligrafuturism" style.

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

Wien, Austria

Was born in Vienna, and studied photography, philosophy and Dutch. Today, he creates and produces typefaces, teaches type design, gives type design workshops, translates Dutch books on typography into German, and writes articles and Python scripts. Eric joined the Glyphs team in 2012, and has been writing tutorials and the handbook. He recently started his type service office «Schriftlabor» with three other designers in Vienna.

Gayaneh Bagdasaryan

Berlin, Moscow

A graduate of Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Gayaneh has designed Cyrillic localizations for most major type libraries, including Linotype, Bitstream, The Font Bureau, ITC, Berthold, Typotheque, Emigre, and ParaType. She began her type design career at ParaType in 1996 and started Brownfox in 2012. Her work has won awards from a number of international type design competitions, including Kyrillitsa’99, TDC² 2000, and Granshan 2013. Gayaneh is the mastermind behind Serebro Nabora, a prominent annual international type conference held in Russia.

Vladimir Krichevsky

Moscow, Russia

Designer, art historian and collector. Author and designer of numerous publications for graphic designers and those who are simply interested in graphic arts — sixteen books and around one hundred articles. His bibliography includes Wallpaper* magazine’s Graphic Object of the Year (2006) and the best art book in the Russian contest Art of the Book (2010). The two-volume Typography in Terms and Images was named Book of the Year in Russia (2000). Carried out research for over ten years at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, where he took a post-graduate course. Worked as a research associate in the History and Theory of Design Department at the All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics; taught typography at the Stroganov Academy. Co-edited graphic design magazine Da! with Elena Chernevich. Occasionally lectured at art institutes in Amsterdam, The Hague, London and Hamburg. Has organised exhibitions in Moscow, Stavropol, Amsterdam and Madrid based on his own graphic collections. Lives and works in Moscow.


Copenhagen, Denmark

foundry and online font shop was created by brand & design agency e-Types, as a showcase of more than 20 years of type design – from commissioned works to fonts created out of passion.

Vincent De Boer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Typographic artist and a teacher of letter making from Netherlands. Going from drawing cartoons, to practicing on painting, illustrating and drawing three-dimensional spaces, to mixing the worlds of calligraphy, graphic design and typography all together: what you see is a cooperation of image and letter. The viewer zooms in on a gigantic universe of movement and dives all the way in. As long as it crackles, as long as it’s real: Vincent’s work embodies his craftsmanship. He’s fascinated by what’s been done in ancient artistries, but never afraid to break the ‘rules’. A precise years and years of mastering his skill, shaken about with an expressionistic use of pencil and a strong will to challenge himself. His autonomous pieces always evocative, but aesthetically so.

Stas Akinfin

Moscow, Russia

Designer with over ten years of commercial experience in graphic design, branding, and interfaces. For 4 years worked at Art. Lebedev Studio. A particular interest in typography lead him to book cover design which became his major focus with over 100 book covers accomplished. In 2009 with three partners Stas co-founded a small ‘boutique’ design firm called SILA, which soon became very popular. At the moment he works for Readymag as a product designer.

Eugene Yukechev

Berlin, Moscow

Type and graphic designer, art director. Since 2013 editor-in-chief of, online magazine about type and typography. He created typefaces for magazines and books (Kommersant, Financial Director, Intersection, Barcode). Eugene gives lectures and workshops on type design, lettering and typography. He cooperates with type foundries Paratype and Fontshop.

Vincent De Boer
Experimental calligraphy for professional calligraphers
I will teach the participants a range of different calligraphy styles. I will start off with a presentation and an introduction on every subject. After that, all different facets will be taken in steps, so that the complex process of calligraphy is offered manageable and accessible. Righthanded ánd lefthanded people are welcome, but the participants need to have calligraphy skills already. The goal of the 3-days workshop is to let the participants experience the process of inventing your own writing systems, to be creative and to discover things we’ve never seen before!
Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
Beginners’s Workshop: Introduction to Type Design with Glyphs 2
In this workshop, you will sketch your own typeface, digitize a few letters, add hinting, code an OpenType feature, produce a font, and test it on-screen. No prior experience necessary. Bring a MacBook with macOS 10.9.5 or later, download the free Glyphs 2 trial from Participants can purchase the full version at a discount.
Advanced Workshop: Multiple Masters and Variable Fonts with Glyphs 2
In this workshop, you will set up an interpolation, and create both a Multiple Master family and a variable font from it.
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